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Lidiya Kovacheva’s hunger for healing

It is well known now, that the processed foods in our “modern world” are not at all what our body needs to keep the balance. All kinds of chemical additions, such as preservatives and flavors are added into our food, meet is also pumped up with chemical solutions and even veggies are full of nitrates.

Our civilization is going quite crazy on feeding everybody the cheapest way and with all the advertising, we might forget about the healthy way of eating.


Among the many diets and nutrition regimes, I found one, which was really helpful to me –  Lidiya Kovacheva’s hunger of healing.  I know it sounds strange, but  sometimes it might be better not to eat much than to eat what goes out as economic production from the modern food factories.

Kovacheva proposes that anyone who wants to heal from a serious disease should go through cycles of healing hunger  – eating only small portions of fruits and drinking tea , which will let the organism get rid of most toxins that has resided inside it for a long time and were an obstacle for its resistance powers to fight diseases.

Lidiya Kovacheva created her method testing it on herself. When she was thirty, she became gravely ill from tuberculosis. She fought the disease for ten years and the doctors were not expecting she’d live to her forties. However, using her method she survived and even in her last years she walked 15km. every day. She died at 88, when her method was already popular in Bulgaria.

Of course, the healing hunger course can be very dangerous and should be done following the instructions very strictly. Otherwise you might harm yourself much more than helping. I read about Kovacheva’s work in her book – Healing Hunger, published by Svetlio Kantardjiev and New Media Group in Bulgaria. I think her book have been translated in other languages too.

The healing hunger returned my body strength again and helped me manage some minor health problems without the tons of pills that my doctor was proposing.  I can recommend it to you, but again – if you try something like this, it is only safe if you follow it very strictly and visit your physician if you don’t feel well.

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