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Why Vanga used sugar as a mediator?

A lump of sugar. That was the requirement for everyone who wished to visit the famous Bulgarian prophet Vanga.
For years people wondered why the prophet used sugar instead of beans for fortune-telling – as it is customary. Why sugar? What did Vanga see in small sugar crystals? This mystery was finally solved.
In the bestseller “The Secrets of Vanga” scientists and doctors study the phenomenon Vanga and reflect on the various theories. From that book welearn what was in sugarthatused to trigger the psychic abilities of Vanga.
According to one explanation sugar acts as a crystal. It is no accident that the crystal balls are the main means of visions in the occult. They act as sounding boards for personal “vibration” of the person you are watching. In Vanga?s case looks like sugar did better job than a crystal ball.
In the book “The Secrets of Vanga” however, there is a more logical and scientific explanation. According to scientists, Vanga has relied on the crystal lattice of sugar. It has the ability to collect and transmit information, and memory, as each cell in our bodies. Yet it remains a mystery how through a lump of sugar Vanga established a contact with the dead.
Scientists are certain and agreethat there is another, unsolved yet field of information that Vanga and other prophetsobtained energy and information from. They call it a universal computer, claims the writer Zheni Kostadinovain the book. Svetlyo Kantardzhiev from the publishing house “New Media Group” confirms that it is a total hit on the market.
In “The Secrets of Vanga” the journalist Zheni Kostadinova reveals more theories about the supernatural abilities of the prophet. Many mystic questions around her personality find their answers in this book.

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